आज 2,630 केस, कांगड़ा में 717 तो बिलासपुर में 400- 43 की मृत्यु


1,526 people won today in Himachal from Corona, 21,788 active cases

Shimla. There are 2,630 cases of Corona in Himachal Pradesh today. At the same time, 1,526 Corona positive (Corona Positive) are cured. Today 43 people have lost their lives due to Corona. The total figure has reached 1 lakh 07 thousand 121 in Himachal. Currently there are 21,788 active cases. 83679 so far Corona infected Have been cured The Corona Death figure is 599.

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How many cases and how many were correct in which district

717 in Kangra, 400 in Bilaspur, 399 in Shimla, 256 in Una, 256 in Sirmour, 252 in Sirmour, 204 in Chamba, 132 in Hamirpur, 108 in Solan, 92 in Kullu, 27 in Kinnaur, 24 in Mandi and Lahul in Spiti. There have been 19 cases. 351 in Kangra, 311 in Solan, 198 in Shimla, 149 in Hamirpur, 126 in Una, 111 in Sirmour, 91 in Mandi, 78 in Chamba, 75 in Bilaspur, 28 in Kullu, 6 in Lahul Spiti. And two are fine in Kinnaur.

Detail of corona death in himachal

43 people in Himachal today Died is. 16 died in Kangra, 6 in Hamirpur, five in Solan, four each in Shimla and Una, three each in Mandi and Sirmaur, one each in Kinnaur and Chamba. 65, 85, 52, 58, 73, 60, 53,35, 85, 46, 85-year-old man, 42, 43, 54, 75 and 58-year-old woman have been killed in Kangra. In Solan 58, 86, 75, 90, 74 year old man, 39, 43, 76 year old man and 50 year old woman in Shimla, 58, 51 year old woman, 61, 80, 39 and 70 year old man in Hamirpur Has breathed his last. 73-year-old man in Kinnaur, 78 in Mandi, 65-year-old and 73-year-old woman, 47-year-old man in Una (Una), 55,70 and 46-year-old woman, 78-year-old woman in Sirmaur, 59, 92-year-old man and Chamba I am a 60-year-old man.

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Today 7,980 samples came to check, 4,842 negative, 1,634 positive

Today, 7,980 sample samples of Corona have come up in Himachal. Of these, 4,842 negatives have been found. At the same time, the report of 1,504 is awaited. Today’s Sample There are 1634 positive cases from. The rest are from the pending sample. Reports of pending 6,885 samples are also awaited. So far, 15 lakh 39 thousand 545 samples of Corona have been tested in Himachal. Of these, 14 lakh 24 thousand 035 have been negative. At the same time, one lakh 07 thousand 121 positives have been found. Currently 8,389 sample reports are awaited.

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