कोरोना के 1,096 केस और 1,109 ठीक- एक्टिव केस 16 हजार पार


22 people killed so far in Himachal, 9 killed in Kangra

Shimla. Today in Himachal Corona (Corona) of 1,096 New cases Have come At the same time, 1,109 corona infections have been cured. Today still 22 People’s lives Has been. 9 died in Kangra, Mandi, Shimla, three each in Solan, two each in Chamba and Sirmaur. In Himachal Total figure 94,985 has been reached. Now 16,041 Active case Huh. So far, 77,444 Corona Positives have been cured. The Corona Death figure is 1,429. Corona Recovery Rate 81.53 Percent Has arrived. Corona death rate 1.50 percent.

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In which district, how many new cases and how many were right?

280 in Shimla, Kangra A case has been reported in 199 (Kangra), 186 in Sirmour, 121 in Solan, 87 in Hamirpur, 82 in Chamba (Chamba), 79 in Bilaspur, 61 in Mandi and Kinnaur. 267 of Kangra, 185 of Shimla, 148 of Hamirpur, 134 of Sirmaur, 108 of Mandi (Mandi), 66 of Una, 59 of Kullu, 58 of Chamba, 52 of Solan and 32 of Kinnaur are fine. Kangra has the highest number of 4,007 at this time Active case (Active Case). There are 2,516 cases in Solan, 1,769 in Shimla, 1,602 in Sirmaur, 1,485 in Mandi, 1,283 in Hamirpur, 1,048 in Una, 1,028 in Bilaspur, 527 in Kullu, 458 in Chamba, 203 in Lahul Spiti and 115 in Kinnaur. . 337 of Shimla, 356 of Kangra, 176 of Mandi, 105 of Una, 100 of Solan, 92 of Kullu, 81 of Hamirpur, 60-60 of Chamba and Sirmaur, 30 of Bilaspur, 19 of Kinnaur and Lahul Spiti 13 Corona Positives so far Came to know is.

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7,403 sample pending till date, none positive today

Corona in Himachal Sample check The pace is slow. There are more than seven thousand sample pending. There are 2,941 sample investigations in Himachal Pradesh today. 67 of these Negative (Negtive). 2,874 reports are awaited. There is no positive case from today’s sample. Positive cases are from pending samples. 4,529 of last yesterday Pending sample The report of this is still pending.

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