बाप बना दरिंदा, बेटियों को बनाया हवस का शिकार-ऐसे हुआ खुलासा


When the third daughter’s eyes were fixed on the third daughter, both of them complained

Market. Two minors (Minor) The sisters Long enough for his father Lust victim Continued to be made. After these two, the father’s eyes were fixed on his third daughter, then both of them showed courage to save her. Mouth opened And Childline (Child Line) by asking for help police (Police) reached his point. This shocking case has come to light, under the Dharampur police station area of ​​Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Area one Government department The employee working in (Government Department) lives with his three daughters and one son. For some time with wife Family dispute Running, due to which the wife remains separated.

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Childline Given to the police through complaint Two daughters told that their father misbehaved with them several times. Scared and threatened in the name of not paying. She remained silent due to insult in the society, but what happened to her is not with her third sister, so she Vicious father It was better to complain to SP Mandi Shalini Agnihotri (SP Mandi Shalini Agnihotri) has confirmed the case. He said that by registering a case against the accused father under Section 4 of the POCSO Act, including other sections Arrested (Arrest) has been done. The girls are undergoing medical treatment and the matter is being thoroughly investigated.

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