शांता कुमार ने दिया सुझाव- कांगड़ा में लॉकडाउन लगाएं सीएम जयराम


Palampur. In Himachal Corona Chain A lot of people are suggesting lockdown for breaking but CM Jairam Thakur ( CM Jairam Thakur) is currently refusing to impose lockdown. Meanwhile, in view of the increasing cases of corona in Kangra, former CM Shanta Kumar has asked CM Jairam Thakur Lockdown in Kangra It is recommended to apply. Kangra’s condition is continuously deteriorating throughout Himachal Pradesh. Looks like lockdown should be done now. Consider the CM and do not delay. Also, he suggested that during the lockdown, the daily earners must make special help to the eaters.

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The senior BJP leader said that the country and the state are going through a terrible phase at this time. The biggest misfortune is that Himachal’s politics is also getting corona somewhere. In this difficult time, some opposition leaders are using criticism and harsh language. Some leaders are suggesting sweet words, thanking them. The use of harsh words breaks the morale of the state. Shanta Kumar said that in today’s situation it is most important to maintain morale. Many youth are committing suicide where morale is falling apart. From PM Narendra Modi to Jairam Thakur and Union Minister of State Anurag Thakur Doing everything What are you not doing, but remember one thing, this crisis is the biggest crisis in human history. The need is that everyone should come together to fight this crisis.

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