हिमाचल में Vaccine इन वेटिंग! 18 से 44 साल वालों को करना होगा इंतजार


The third phase vaccine has not reached the health department yet

Shimla / Una Covid vaccine It has been decided to start the Third Phase Vaccine from May 1. But this phase is not visible in Himachal at the scheduled time, the main reason is that the Health Department has the third phase. Vaccination Is not being told to reach. In such a situation, people in the age group of 18 to 44 years may have to wait a little more for their vaccination. To be done in third phase Vaccination Pre-Registration Will be done on the basis of Like the first two phases, there will be no provision for walk-in vaccination. health Department Vaccination Waiting for but with registration The work has also started on April 28 at four o’clock in the evening.

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The third stage is going to be somewhat different from the first two phases. In the third phase, only those who have completed registration Vaccination Will be provided During this walk-in- Vaccination facility Will not be able to get it. CMO Una Dr. Raman Sharma said that for the third phase vaccination Registration begin Has been done. Aged 18 to 44 years Beneficiary department Can register themselves on the portal. Vaccine Consignment has not yet arrived in the district, so there may be some delay in the phase starting from May 1 and registered people Vaccine available Information will be given as soon as it happens.

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