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Contraception tablet FAQ: Advantages, dangers and decisions


Contraception tablet FAQ: Advantages, dangers and decisions

Get the information about frequent considerations and questions on contraception tablets.

By Mayo Clinic Workers

For those who take the contraception tablet (oral contraceptive), you are most likely proud of its comfort and reliability. Nonetheless, you’ll have questions on how contraception tablets might have an effect on your well being, the advantages and dangers of contraception tablets, and newer choices out there.

Can I exploit contraception tablets to delay or cease my interval?

Sure, you may. Contraception tablets have been as soon as solely packaged as 21 days of energetic hormone tablets and 7 days of placebo tablets. Whereas taking placebo tablets, menstrual period-like bleeding happens.

As we speak girls have many extra choices — from regimens with 24 days of energetic tablets and 4 days of placebo tablets to regimens which are all energetic tablets.

Some extended-cycle tablet regimens have energetic hormone tablets on daily basis for 3 months, adopted by every week of placebo or low-dose estrogen tablets. You expertise menstrual bleeding throughout that week. Newer extended-cycle regimens contain taking energetic tablets constantly for one 12 months and might cease all menstrual bleeding.

Steady or extended-cycle regimens have a number of potential advantages. They stop hormone modifications liable for bleeding, cramping, complications and different period-related discomforts. It may be handy to skip a interval throughout vital occasions or journeys. For ladies who expertise iron deficiency attributable to heavy menstrual bleeding, utilizing steady regimens can cut back bleeding and there may be much less probability of growing iron deficiency.

Unscheduled bleeding and recognizing usually happen in the course of the first few months on this sort of routine. It often stops with time, however it continues in some girls lengthy after utilizing the tablets.

Do I want particular tablets or can I exploit atypical contraception tablets to forestall having a interval?

There are contraception tablet regimens designed to forestall bleeding for 3 months at a time or for so long as a 12 months. However it’s attainable to forestall your interval with steady use of any contraception tablet.

This implies skipping the placebo tablets and beginning instantly on a brand new pack. Steady use of your contraception tablets works greatest for those who’re taking a monophasic tablet — with the identical hormone dose within the three weeks of energetic tablets.

If I plan to have a child, how quickly after stopping the contraception tablet can I conceive?

Most ladies ovulate once more about two weeks after stopping the tablet. As quickly as you ovulate once more, you will get pregnant. If this occurs throughout your first cycle off the tablet, chances are you’ll not have a interval in any respect. Verify a being pregnant take a look at for those who’ve had unprotected intercourse and your interval hasn’t returned.

Is there a bonus to ready a couple of months after stopping the tablet earlier than making an attempt to conceive?

Docs have been as soon as involved that for those who conceived instantly after stopping the tablet, you had a better threat of miscarriage. Nonetheless, these considerations have proved to be largely unfounded. The hormones in contraception tablets do not stay in your system.

Most ladies begin intervals once more a couple of weeks after they cease utilizing the tablet. Nonetheless, in case your intervals have been rare earlier than you began taking the tablet, they are going to seemingly be that method once more after you cease the tablet. Some girls discover that it takes a few months earlier than they return to common ovulation cycles. After stopping the tablet, for those who’re not able to conceive, then chances are you’ll need to think about using a backup type of contraception.

What occurs if I cease taking the contraception tablet and my interval does not come again?

If you do not have a interval for a number of months, you’ll have what’s generally known as post-pill amenorrhea. The tablet prevents your physique from making hormones concerned in ovulation and menstruation. If you cease taking the tablet, it will possibly take a while on your physique to return to regular manufacturing of those hormones.

Your interval sometimes resumes inside three months after you cease taking the tablet. However some girls, particularly those that took the tablet to control their menstrual cycles, might not have a interval for a number of months.

If you do not have a interval inside three months, take a being pregnant take a look at to ensure you’re not pregnant after which see your physician.

Will a being pregnant take a look at be correct if I am taking the contraception tablet?

You may get correct outcomes from a being pregnant take a look at whilst you’re on the tablet. Being pregnant checks work by measuring a selected pregnancy-related hormone — human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) — in your blood or urine. The energetic components in contraception tablets do not have an effect on how a being pregnant take a look at measures the extent of HCG in your system.

What occurs if I take contraception tablets whereas pregnant?

Don’t be concerned for those who saved taking your contraception tablet since you did not know you have been pregnant. Regardless of years of this accident taking place, there’s little or no proof that publicity to the hormones in contraception tablets causes start defects. When you study that you just’re pregnant, cease taking the contraception tablet.

Can I exploit a number of contraception tablets directly for emergency contraception?

It is attainable to make use of normal estrogen-progestin contraception tablets for emergency contraception, however examine along with your physician for the right dose and timing of the tablets.

Sure kinds of tablets are particularly designed to maintain you from changing into pregnant for those who’ve had unprotected intercourse. These drugs are generally known as the “morning-after tablet.”

Morning-after tablets include both levonorgestrel (Plan B One-Step, Take Motion, Subsequent Selection One Dose, others) or ulipristal acetate (ella). Levonorgestrel tablets can be found over-the-counter to girls or males of any age. Levonorgestrel tablets work greatest when used as quickly as attainable — and inside 3 days — after unprotected intercourse.

Ulipristal acetate (ella) is a nonhormonal medicine out there solely by prescription. This medicine is taken as a single dose for as much as 5 days after unprotected intercourse.

Does how a lot I weigh cut back the effectiveness of emergency contraception tablets?

In case your physique mass index (BMI) is greater than 30 — particularly for those who use levonorgestrel — emergency contraception might not be as efficient, and you may be vulnerable to nonetheless being pregnant after taking the tablet or tablets. BMI just isn’t as a lot of a priority when utilizing ulipristal or the copper intrauterine system.

I’ve taken contraception tablets for years and need to cease. Can I cease at any time or ought to I end my present tablet packet?

By way of your total well being, it makes little distinction once you cease taking the tablet. If you lastly do cease the tablet, you may count on some bleeding, which can change the rhythm of your menstrual cycle. However you may cease at any time.

Can I get pregnant in the course of the week of nonactive (placebo) tablets?

Taking the nonactive tablets does not put you at larger threat of unintended being pregnant. For those who’re taking contraception tablets precisely as directed, they’re about 99 p.c efficient at stopping being pregnant.

However for those who miss a tablet — or a number of tablets — throughout a cycle, you is likely to be at larger threat of unintended being pregnant throughout that cycle. To be protected, use a backup type of contraception, equivalent to a condom, particularly for those who miss a number of tablets throughout a cycle.

Do contraception tablets trigger weight achieve?

Many ladies suppose so. However research have proven that the impact of the contraception tablet on weight is small — if it exists in any respect.

As an alternative, chances are you’ll be retaining extra fluid, which might make you are feeling as for those who’ve placed on weight, significantly in your breasts, hips and thighs. The estrogen in contraception tablets does have an effect on fats (adipose) cells, making them bigger however no more quite a few.

How do contraception tablets have an effect on most cancers threat?

Scientific proof suggests utilizing contraception tablets for longer intervals of time will increase your threat of some cancers, equivalent to cervical most cancers and liver most cancers, however the outcomes aren’t constant. Most knowledge exhibits that contraception tablets do not enhance your total threat of most cancers.

On the flip aspect, the contraception tablet might lower your threat of different kinds of most cancers, together with ovarian most cancers and endometrial most cancers.

Relating to breast most cancers threat, some very early research confirmed a hyperlink between tablet use and breast most cancers — seemingly because of the excessive estrogen dose present in contraceptive tablets used within the Nineteen Seventies. However, right now’s tablets have a a lot decrease estrogen dose, and newer research present no enhance in breast most cancers threat for those who take contraception tablets. Research even have discovered no hyperlink between breast most cancers threat and use of contraception tablets in girls who’ve a household historical past of breast most cancers.

Do contraception tablets have an effect on levels of cholesterol?

Contraception tablets can have an effect on your levels of cholesterol. How a lot of an impact depends upon the kind of tablet you take and what focus of estrogen or progestin it comprises. Contraception tablets with extra estrogen can have a barely useful total impact in your blood lipid ranges. Basically, although, the modifications aren’t vital and do not have an effect on your total well being.

Do contraception tablets have an effect on blood stress?

Contraception tablets might barely enhance your blood stress. For those who take contraception tablets, have your blood stress checked usually. If you have already got hypertension, speak along with your physician about whether or not you need to take into account one other type of contraception.

Can girls older than age 35 proceed taking contraception tablets?

For those who’re wholesome and you do not smoke, you may proceed taking contraception tablets after age 35. Nonetheless, contraception tablets aren’t beneficial for those who’re 35 or older and also you smoke due to the chance of heart problems. In that case, it’s essential stop smoking earlier than you may safely proceed utilizing contraception tablets.

Can antibiotics lower the effectiveness of contraception tablets?

The consequences of antibiotics on contraception tablets could also be overstated — besides within the case of 1 antibiotic, rifampin (Rimactane). Rifampin does lower the effectiveness of contraception tablets in stopping ovulation, however this antibiotic is not broadly used right now.


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