Google Soon Launch Its Alert Feature from Earthquake – Google’s alert feature to prevent earthquake, expected to launch in India soon


Google first released the earthquake alert feature for Android users in August 2020.

New Delhi. In view of the worldwide earthquake risk, Google Google is about to launch the alert feature in some countries soon. It is expected to come to India as well. But the timeframe for its arrival in the country has not been fixed yet. It has so far been released in Greece and New Zealand, where Google is getting good response.

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An option to turn off earthquake alerts

Google Earthquake Alert was earlier for some areas of USA, but now it has also been issued for Greece and New Zealand. Android users will have the option to turn earthquake alerts off and on.

Some limitations of this Google service

Google first released the earthquake alert feature for Android users in August 2020. Washington users in the United States received an alert about the earthquake in May last year through Google. According to a report, Google has some limitations of this service. This alert of Google will be available a few seconds ago. However, this is not too much time. Through this, such people will be able to get information about the earthquake which is far from the earthquake center. This will enable people to get rescue before time.

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Will not take any money from users

Google has decided to keep Google Meat’s video calling services available to specific Gmail users till June this year. You do not have to spend any money for this video calling service. According to Google, now Gmail users will be able to use Google Meet service for 24 hours without spending any money. However, it is being said that if users use this service for more than 24 hours, then money will have to be paid.


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