India turns to UN Aid to Fight from Coronavirus


According to UN Secretary General’s Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq, the institution is still firm on its offer.

United Nations. Recently, along with many countries, the United Nations also extended a helping hand towards India. Meanwhile, news has come that India has turned down the UN offer. A spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutarares says that India has rejected the help the UN has provided through an integrated supply chain. For ‘strong system’.

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According to UN Secretary General’s Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq, ‘We have offered assistance from our integrated supply chain when needed. But we were told that it is not needed at this time, because India has a strong enough system to deal with it.

In contact with its counterpart in India

Haque said that the United Nations stands by its offer. When asked about the possibility of sending the necessary material by UN agencies, Haq said, “It has not been demanded so far.” They said that we have people. Those who can work on the subject related to operations and equipment and are also willing to help. We are in touch with our counterpart in India.

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The burden on the health system will not increase

The United Nations is in touch with authorities in India at various levels regarding the growing cases of corona virus in India. According to Haque, UN Secretary-General’s Chief Secretary Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti is in touch with India’s permanent representative at the United Nations TS Thirumurthy and other officials regarding the corona virus situation in India. According to Haq, the United Nations is engaged in ensuring that its international and national personnel are protected in India. In this way, the burden on India’s health system will not increase.


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