Mandi में संभल कर चलाना गाड़ी, अब सीसीटीवी कैमरे काटेंगे चालान


Integrated Traffic Management System

Market. if you Market (Mandi) in the city car Driving and thinking that by dodging the police Traffic rules If you violate it, then forget it. Because now less police and CCTV cameras in Mandi city will deduct more invoices. CM Jairam Thakur (CM Jai Ram Thakur) Some time ago police lines were started in Mandi. Integrated Traffic Management System (Integrated Traffic Management System) has been implemented in the city from today. After fully connecting it with NIC and Vehicle App, it has now been given a smooth transition.

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Its control room has been made in the police line mandi, where a team will sit for 24 hours to monitor which driver of traffic rules. Disregard Has been doing. As soon as you Traffic rules Disregarded, similarly your challan will be accessed directly via message on your mobile. The provision of cutting every type of challan in traffic rules has been made under this arrangement. However you want Over speed Ho, no helmet, no parking or wrong overtaking. Giving this information, SP Mandi Shalini Agnihotri said that this system has been implemented in the city from today.

Not only this of the police The system This will also provide protection to the pedestrians in the city. Although this system is already working to catch the culprits, the challan system is now included in it. SP Mandi Shalini Agnihotri (SP Mandi Shalini Agnihotri) told that the people of the city only for 15 days Alert messages They will come and they will be informed only, while challans will start being generated after 20 May. These challans will be under the Traffic Act only. Please tell that with this system now the Government of India Vehicle website All the data of the (website) has been linked. The cameras will scan your car’s number plate and there will be all the details of the car, based on which only Challan journal Will happen.

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