Shimla में आज नहीं हो पाई सर्वदलीय बैठक, कारण जानने को पढ़ें खबर


Due to non-access to CM Jairam Thakur, he had to postpone

Shimla. In Himachal COVID-19 (Covid-19) convened to discuss the current situation All party meeting Of CM Jai Ram Thakur Unreachable Has not been able to do so. Although Leader Opposition in the meeting Mukesh Agnihotri (Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri), Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Bhardwaj, Asha Kumari and CPI-MLA Rakesh Singha Singha had reached. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Suresh Bhardwaj (Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Bhardwaj) told that stage one meeting has taken place today. The second stage meeting will be held before the cabinet meeting tomorrow. Today presents the steps taken by the government to deal with Corona, showing all the steps taken so far to deal with Corona. Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri said that the steps taken by the government Has been made aware. When there will be a meeting with CM tomorrow, others in it Discuss points Will.

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CPIM MLA Rakesh Singha said that in the present situation COVID-19 (Covid-19) The cases are constantly increasing, in such a situation, the task of the government is to choose a route that can be avoided by Kovid-19 and other activities should also continue. Kovid cannot be fought by stopping the mill of the economy. He said that right now in hospitals Stress That is being said, but Lockdown (Lockdown) steps get stressed throughout the society. The government should seriously consider and form an agreement To step Will happen.

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