Shimla में हरे पेड़ों की कटाई वाली अनुमतियों पर हाईकोर्ट की रोक


The next hearing on the case will now be held on May 12

Shimla. Himachal High Court (Himachal High Court) hearing a PIL Municipal Corporation Shimla (Hare within Nagar Nigam Shimla) Deforestation With all the permissions Prohibited Has given However, the court has not stayed the permissions given to the Electricity Department. The order was passed by a division bench of Chief Justice L Narayan Swamy and Judge Anoop Chitkara. Petitioner MC Shimla (MC Shimla), citing the Forest Protection Act and other statutory provisions, has raised the issue of cutting green healthy trees in the name of expansion of roads in Shimla city.

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Petitioner by the tree authority committee innumerable The trees (Trees) given for harvesting Permissions Notification issued regarding the formation of a cabinet sub-committee formed to decide and deal with all cases of cancellation of trees and felling of trees To cancel Has also demanded. The petitioner has also demanded a fair and independent inquiry into the permissions. The applicant demands if there is an opportunity while processing tree cutting applications. Photography (Photography) or videography was also done or not. Was there any serious effort to save the trees from felling. The cutting of trees was allowed only as a last resort. The petitioner has demanded the authorities to stop furthering the illegal felling of green trees. at issue Next hearing Has been scheduled for 12 May.

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