Sonu Sood gets critically-ill Covid-19 patient airlifted from Jhansi to Hyderabad


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Sonu Sood gets critically-ill Covid-19 patient airlifted from Jhansi to Hyderabad

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has become a messiah of sorts for many during the coronavirus pandemic. He has been actively helping people cope with the Covid crises. Now, the actor arranged for a critically-ill Covid patient to be airlifted from Jhansi to Hyderabad after doctors at the local hospital said treatment wouldn’t be possible in Jhansi any longer. The patient, Kailash Agarwal’s CT score was just a point below the highest permissible limit and the family, while searching for a hospital with better infrastructure, put in a request to Sonu.

The actor and his team got into action, which led to availability of an ICU bed with ventilator facility in Hyderabad.

“Doctors had asked the patient to be shifted to a bigger hospital, and the challenge was to get the necessary permissions from the District Magistrates in order to get the air ambulance and get the transfer done. As there are no airports at Jhansi, the air ambulance had to pick up the patient from Gwalior, and it was another major challenge to bring the patient from Jhansi to Gwalior,” Sonu told IANS.

The actor added that the treatment is going on at Apollo Hospital. “But the team came through and got everything set up so that no time was wasted. The treatment is going on well at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, and we hope for the best,” Sonu added.

As per the latest reports, the patient is stable and is responding to treatment.

Earlier, Sonu got a critically ill Covid-19 patient airlifted in an air ambulance from Nagpur to Hyderabad, to get special treatment done.  The 25-year-old girl, Bharti, who had lost almost 85-90 per cent of her lungs due to COVID, with Sonu’s help had been shifted to Wockhardt hospital, Nagpur for her treatment. The doctors had said that she needed a lung transplant or some special treatment which was only possible in Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.

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