🎀 Billie Eilish's Intimate Confessions: From Fame to Attraction, What You Didn't Know!

– Billie Eilish opens up about her evolving relationship with fame in a recent interview.

– The singer expresses the inspiration behind her pensive ballad, citing a changing connection with material happiness.

– Eilish shares her deep sorrow for Kurt Cobain, finding kinship in the loneliness that fame can bring.

– Eilish feels a strong protective instinct for rising popstar Olivia Rodrigo, citing concerns about the industry.

– The singer reveals her muse for the song "Goldwing" and discusses the challenges young women face in the public eye.

– In a separate interview, Eilish discusses her attraction to women and the complexity of her feelings towards femininity.

– Despite penning a female empowerment anthem, Eilish admits to struggling with feeling desirable or feminine.

– Eilish discloses her same-sex attraction but does not explicitly identify as queer.

– The singer reflects on her deep connections with women in her life and the intimidation she feels due to their beauty.

– Billie Eilish's candid revelations include her internal struggle with identifying as a woman and the challenges she faces.