🚨 FBI Targets Military Veterans as 'Disloyal' Trump Supporter

– Whistleblowers allege FBI officials, Jeffrey Veltri and Dena Perkins, target ex-military agents for political beliefs.

– Accused agents, including Marines, face security clearance removal, job sidelining, and forced exits.

– Disclosures claim Veltri and Perkins labeled veterans as "disloyal to the United States" without evidence.

– Criteria for being labeled "right-wing radical" include mask refusal, vaccine rejection, and religious participation.

– High-ranking FBI accused of political bias against agents supporting former President Donald Trump.

– Whistleblowers reveal attempts to force loyal military veterans out of the bureau.

– FBI officials accused of stifling agents with no foreign affiliations or anti-U.S. beliefs.

– The Washington Times obtains copies of disclosures detailing alleged anti-Trump retaliation.

– Disclosures sent to lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee raise concerns about FBI conduct.

– Military background becomes a target, raising questions about political neutrality in the FBI.