L.A. police warn of thieves using wifi-jamming tech

To deter these types of burglaries, authorities provided the following tips:

– Never tell Uber, Lyft or taxi drivers or post on social media that you will be on vacation or away from home

– Stay alert for suspicious vehicles with temporary or dealer plates, as well as rental vehicles

– Share your cellphone number with trusted neighbors and ask them to clear your mail and keep an eye on your residence if you plan to be away

– Place cameras around the home and ensure that the alarm DVR is secure and cannot be tampered with

– Consider moving to an alarm system that is hard wired rather than running on a wireless signal

– Provide extra security such as a pole to sliding glass doors to eliminate easy opening

– Place tracking devices, such as Apple AirTags, on valuable items like jewelry boxes, purses or vehicles

– See what shrubbery or trees can be trimmed or cut to keep your residence highly visible

– Install proper lighting and security signage and always leave light on in your home, especially while away