96th Academy Award winners Entertainment

‘Oppenheimer’ wins best picture at Academy Awards, Emma Stone takes best actre

“Oppenheimer,” a solemn three-hour biopic that became an unlikely billion-dollar box-office sensation,

was crowned best picture at a 96th Academy Awards that doubled as a coronation for Christopher Nolan.

After passing over arguably Hollywood’s foremost big-screen auteur for years,

the Oscars made up for lost time by heaping seven awards on Nolan’s blockbuster biopic,

including best actor for Cillian Murphy, best supporting actor for Robert Downey Jr. and best director for Nolan.

In anointing “Oppenheimer,” the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences did something it hasn’t done for more than a decade:

hand its top prize to a widely seen, big-budget studio film.

In a film industry where a cape,

dinosaur or Tom Cruise has often been a requirement for such box office, “Oppenheimer”

brought droves of moviegoers to theaters with a complex, fission-filled drama about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the creation of the atomic bomb.