SoCal woman terrorized, harassed by alleged dognappers

A Pasadena woman is being held hostage by fear after dognappers have terrorized her with alarming texts

and harassing messages about her beloved Rottweiler.

Now she’s speaking out in hopes of not just getting her dog back, but also getting justice.

Jackie Luca told KTLA’s Mary Beth McDade that she and her family are petrified while police haven’t done much about the situation.

“I’m not able to sleep,” she said. “I’m still trying to cope with everything that’s going in my life.”

The last month and a half, according to Luca has been a nightmare,

with a strange man lurking outside her Pasadena home and her dog, Rocko,

disappearing on Feb. 1 after she let him out for his morning walk.

“He has a tendency to just run out, but he usually comes back and just waits for us in the driveway,”