🌟 "The Rock" Reveals Political Party Approaches for Presidential Run

– Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock," was approached by multiple political parties to run for US president.

– Parties reached out after a 2021 poll showed 46% of Americans supported Johnson's potential candidacy.

– The actor, on Trevor Noah's podcast, shared the surprise and honor of the unexpected inquiries.

– Johnson, a centrist and political independent, previously expressed interest in politics, contemplating governorship and presidency.

– His sitcom, "Young Rock," explores a fictional 2032 presidential run, showcasing Johnson's political musings.

– In 2021, Johnson acknowledged the unconventional fit for a political figure but expressed willingness to serve.

– Last year, he cited parental duties as a reason to decline a presidential run, prioritizing time with his daughters.

– Wrestling commitments previously separated him from his eldest daughter, influencing his decision.

– Johnson, while not currently considering a run, leaves the possibility open if the public expresses interest.

– The actor emphasized his dedication to being a father as a primary consideration in his life decisions.