U.S. says these mistakes could get spring breakers hurt or killed in Mexico

Federal officials said while the majority of travelers do not encounter any serious issues,

there are still many things visitors should watch out for, especially when partying in another country.

Crime – Travelers should maintain a high level of situational awareness,

avoid areas where illicit activities occur, and immediately leave any potentially dangerous situations.

Drugs – Drug possession and use, including medical marijuana, is illegal in Mexico and could result in a lengthy jail sentence.

Unregulated Alcohol – Unregulated alcohol may be contaminated and could result in the drinker losing consciousness

Pharmaceuticals – Counterfeit medication is common and could be ineffective, have the wrong strength, or contain dangerous ingredients.

Sexual Assault – Visitors should be aware of the dangers of rape and sex assault overseas.

Drowning – Some beaches have strong undercurrents and rip tides.

Medical Emergencies – An illness or accident could require medical treatment or hospitalization in Mexico.

Guns and Ammunition – All guns and even small amounts of ammunition are illegal in Mexico.

Arrests – Drunk and disorderly behavior, public urination, and open alcohol containers in vehicles are illegal in Mexico.

Immigration – Violating the terms of your stay in Mexico could result in steep fines and detention.