Woman fights for life after violent robbery at beauty store in L.A.

A 32-year-old woman, a manager at a beauty store in East Los Angeles,

is in critical condition after being slammed to the ground during a robbery last week that was captured on surveillance cameras.

The violent robbery unfolded at around 5:30 p.m. Mar. 6 at M Beauty,

located at 5555 Whittier Boulevard in Commerce.

Footage of the incident shows four female suspects trying to make a break for it when the store manager attempts to block them,

putting herself in their path. The women are seen shoving her out of the way,

dragging her outside by her hair and throwing her to the ground.

The 32-year-old tried getting up but collapsed after suffering from medical problems.

In Spanish, the victim’s father, Enrique Sandoval, said his daughter is now fighting for her life.

After sustaining massive trauma during the robbery,

doctors are telling the family that the 32-year-old may need a heart transplant to survive.