Weekend music festival in Wuhan, thousands of fans attend without masks amid corona


Weekend music festival in Wuhan: Weekend music festival was held in Wuhan city of China, in which thousands of people attended without mask.

Wuhan. Corona infection is still spreading rapidly around the world and millions of people are getting infected every day. Along with this, all kinds of measures are being taken to protect them and precautions are being taken.

Amidst all this, while the world is struggling with increasing cases of corona, on the other hand, the weekend music festival was organized in Wuhan city of China, in which thousands of people attended without any mask. Amidst the growing cases of Corona, people are happy to be imprisoned in their homes, while in Wuhan, people are waiting to get out of the house.

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According to the information, thousands of fans attended the 2-day concert held in China’s central city of Wuhan over the weekend. At the Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival in 3 stages at the city’s Garden Expo Park, popular musicians showed their talent.

Last year, there was a lockdown of 2 months in Wuhan.

According to media reports, a number of similar events are being organized in Beijing and other Chinese cities during the 5-day national holiday to mark May Day. On the first day of the festival, thousands of Wuhan music fans danced with their favorite bands in the park. Some wore masks during the dance, but most did not.

Security personnel were deployed at several levels to protect the people attending the ceremony. Festival organizers say that around 11,000 people were present on the first day of the event on Saturday.

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Let us know that in the wake of Corona epidemic last year, this festival was transferred online. At that time, Wuhan Corona had become the epicenter of the epidemic. The people of this city then supported one of the world’s first and toughest lockdowns, lasting more than 2 months.

Two months later the Corona virus was completely eradicated from the city because of harsh restrictions. Official figures show that some cases have been reported in China in recent months. A total of 11 new cases were reported in China on the previous day.

Vaccination of more than 265 million in China

Gao Yuken, a 23-year-old student involved in the celebration, says Wuhan residents have sacrificed a lot to reach this point. “Last year, we were suffering from coronovirus. It is not easy to get to where we are today. People here have put in a lot of effort and paid a huge price (if affected by the virus). So, I am feeling very excited to be here. ”

According to media reports, about 11.6 million citizens were vaccinated in China on Friday. Data from the country’s National Health Commission confirms that now more than 265 million vaccinations have been done.


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