World on travel rebound in 2021, Indians looking for sustainability: Survey


For more than a year now, the way the world functions has changed. Among other things, travelling had almost completely stopped for the large part of last year, before picking up again, albeit slowly, cautiously.

Now a recent survey has revealed that the world is on a travel rebound, meaning people are looking to start exploring once again, even as the pandemic rages on and with things looking grim in many countries.

Global Rescue — the travel risk, crisis management and response company — recently found in its Traveller Sentiment and Safety Survey that the fear of Covid infection or quarantine has decreased by 37 per cent, as compared to one year ago. Additionally, 78 per cent of respondents said they were “less” or “much less” concerned about travel safety in 2021, compared to 2020, with only 22 per cent saying they were “more” or “much more” concerned, a report in The National News states.

On the other hand, while 54 per cent of respondents said they would avoid crowded destinations, 22 per cent cited ‘insufficient medical facilities’ as the leading reason for avoiding travelling to specific areas.

Dan Richards, the chief executive of Global Rescue, was quoted as saying: “Travellers are twice as likely to plan international trips within the next six months as they were in September 2020. Nearly three-quarters of surveyed travellers have already taken a domestic trip or are planning to take one before July.”

Per the report, he even encouraged government health officials to further develop capabilities to identify, detect and respond to Covid-19 and other emerging pathogenic threats, so as to boost travel confidence in people.

Additionally, the survey found 91 per cent of respondents would submit to rapid on-site Covid-19 testing before travel, with 80 per cent saying they would be willing to pay for the test, depending on cost.

In India, meanwhile, cases continue to see an upward curve. And even in all this chaos, what has emerged is that Indians are desiring to travel more sustainably, when it is safe to do so. According to a survey, pause in global trotting has inspired 94 per cent of Indian travellers to make sustainable travel a priority in the future.

As such, while 68 per cent of Indian travellers want the money they spend on travelling to go to the local community, 98 per cent want to stay in an eco-friendly accommodation at least once.

Ritu Mehrotra, regional manager, South Asia at said: “Whilst travel may be on a halt today, research shows an optimistic indication that travellers will be more considerate when making decisions about future travel, while keeping in mind that every sustainable step they take will help to reduce their footprint on the environment. No matter how small it may be.”

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