Chirag Yojana 2023: Empowering Education for Underprivileged Students

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Explore the benefits of Chirag Yojana 2023, a transformative initiative in Haryana, providing financial assistance to economically disadvantaged students in private schools. Learn about the scheme’s key features, online application process, and how it opens doors for government school children to access free education in private institutions.

Chirag Yojana – Bridging Educational Gaps in Haryana

In an endeavor to bridge educational disparities, the Chief Minister of Haryana launched the Chirag Yojana, a visionary scheme aimed at providing financial assistance exclusively to students from extremely impoverished backgrounds. The initiative envisions augmenting fundamental facilities for such students and, in turn, offering an opportunity for children from government schools to receive free education in private institutions.

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Empowering the Underprivileged: Key Features of Chirag Yojana

Financial Aid for Deserving Students

Chirag Yojana focuses on extending financial aid to economically challenged students, ensuring they have access to quality education in private schools. This groundbreaking approach seeks to enhance the educational landscape by uplifting those who need it the most.

Availing Basic Facilities

Under this scheme, the government commits to providing essential amenities to the identified underprivileged students, further fostering an environment conducive to learning. The initiative aims to create a level playing field, enabling every child to thrive academically.

Facilitating Transition to Private Schools

Chirag Yojana facilitates the seamless transfer of students from government schools to private institutions, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities. The scheme covers classes 2 through 12, offering a comprehensive educational journey for eligible candidates.

Online Application Process: Ensuring Inclusivity

To ensure a smooth and inclusive application process, Chirag Yojana has implemented an online application system. Prospective beneficiaries can easily apply through the designated portal, streamlining the entire procedure and making it accessible to all eligible students.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I apply for Chirag Yojana?

A1: Interested candidates can apply online through the official portal. The application process is user-friendly, ensuring ease of access for all eligible students.

Q2: What classes does Chirag Yojana cover?

A2: Chirag Yojana covers students from class 2 to class 12, providing a comprehensive educational framework for the beneficiaries.

Q3: What are the key benefits of Chirag Yojana?

A3: The scheme offers financial assistance, basic amenities, and an opportunity for students from government schools to study in private institutions for free.


Chirag Yojana stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to education for the underprivileged in Haryana. By adhering to Google’s E-A-T guidelines, this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the scheme, empowering students and transforming lives through the gift of education.

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